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To me, yoga is a way to generate Karma within ourselves, for ourselves…

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…but I also believe yoga is fun.  Lured to practice for the hot vinyasa flows, I got certified and started teaching in 2015.

My intention in each class is to guide students towards a specific destination.  I teach long vinyasa flows intended to take students to the “yoga high” – the euphoric feeling that follows a great vinyasa class.  While my meditations, many which I personally write, are intended to take students within themselves towards peace, love and light to greater self-realization and acceptance and ultimately- alignment and bliss.

Everything I bring to lead a class contains a piece of my own experience or something I am struggling with or going through.  I don’t have all the answers but I know I can help people to find their inner peace.  I enjoy writing sequences and meditations because they bring “life to” and help me to “express” my own experiences as student, teacher and human.

Since becoming Level II Reiki certified in early 2019, meditation and energy-work have gained much greater importance in my own practice. I believe that to align the body in asana is wonderful, but to align the body with the soul to become who you truly are, is so much more. 

When taking my studio classes, you can expect long vinyasa flows, core work, arm balances and opportunities for inversions. In my vinyasa classes, I observe my students to understand the level of the room and I’ll incorporate challenges that push every level of student in the room.  I’m always happy to speak with my students and listen, and provide further explanation or suggestions you can use to go wherever you want to go in your practice.

Photo by Fabi Lovell
Schedule a private, corporate or group lesson.  I offer the following styles of yoga & reiki sessions or can customize a session to your own needs.
  • Asana Alignment: One-on-One assessment to perfect your alignment – 60-min
  • Inner Self Yoga Flow & Meditation – 75-min
  • Yin & Restorative Yoga:  Deep stretching & healing – 60-min
  • Arm Balances, Transitions and Inversion work – 60-min
  • Yoga Stretch & Flow: Stretch, flow, balance, restore – 60-min
  • Yoga for You:  Addresses your personal needs to create a practice for you – 60 min
  • Reiki Crystal Energy Healing:  15-30 min  (or combine with other session)
  • Meditation:  15-30 min (or combine with other session)

All of the above can be combined or customize into a one-time session or package.

View testimonials from students here (coming soon)

Email kate@loveisallaroundme.com with inquiries on classes or events.

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