An Energy Meditation


Revitalize and Manifest The Energy You Desire To Become With This 8 Minute Meditation

ENERGY Meditation by Rainbow Love Yoga Girl 

Find a comfortable seat or savasana pose and a take a moment to settle into your space in a way that brings you stillness and peace.

Close your eyes and let your hands lie open with palms facing up.

Start to clear your mind and become present by focusing on your breath and your physical self, and the place of inner peace and tranquility inside you.  Allow for your thoughts to come and go through your mind freely, like waves rolling in and out on beach, or as the moon pulls the tides from shore to shore to shore. But try not to attach your attention to any coming or going thought. Just let them ebb and flow in the moment as you breathe in and out naturally.  If your mind starts to attach itself to any one thought simply reconnect your focus to your breathe.  You can return to your thoughts later.

Start to disconnect from the being you identify yourself as being.. a mom, dad, husband or wife, parent or child, and an instead start to connect with yourself as the energetic being and life force that you are.

What is the feeling of the energy you are identifying of yourself in this moment?

Is it strong and radiant like the morning sun?

Is it calm and peaceful like still sea?

Or, it is unsettled or restless and cool?

Know that whatever energy you feel and are connecting with now is okay, that if you like the energy you feel you can absorb and manifest more of it, and if you don’t like the energy you feel you have the power to change it.

Start to visualize the energy want to create and become.

Is it bright, warm and radiant like the Sun?

Is it open, expansive and wandering like the Wind?

Is it subtle yet influencing like the Moon?

Is it rushing and powerful like the Ocean?

Maybe it’s an energy you are familiar with, like how refreshed you feel when you dive into a pool of water, or after a run, or a good night’s sleep; the energy of accomplishment, you feel when you complete an important task.

Start to define the energy you wish to create, by allowing your body and mind to feel it. Connect your breath to it by breathing into it and use your third eye, tapping into your experiences and dreams to bring a visualization to your mind that represents this energy to you.  Now, as you see your your visualization, release your focus from it and just let it float over your head like a suspended movie screen in space.

Come back to your breathe.

Let each inhale breathe more life into your energetic being and the energy you creating.

Let each exhale release any blockages to the energy you are now manifesting.

As you inhale, your energy expands within and around you.

As you exhale, you purify your energy field and eliminate inefficient space for the energy you are manifesting to expand.

With each breath in or out, your energy and aura grows brighter, more expansive.

With each breath, your visualization of your energy floating above your head becomes more defined and vibrant.

With each breath, you feel your desired and manifested energy flowing freely within you, and around you.


Continue to breathe into your life force, energy and aura for 8 rounds of deep long inhalations and exhales to purify and strengthen your energy.   Bask in it’s glow, feel it’s vibration, it’s warmth and let it permeate into every cell in your psychical body, and multiply. Your physical being is now emanating your energy and radiating back down on you, over your face, your neck and shoulders.

Feel the beauty and strength of your energy, the energy that you are.

Know that the Universe feels the beautiful, healing and positive energy you are now radiating and that you are sharing with the Divine and all beings through your meditation, the openness of your hands, and that the Universe is now assisting your energy to emanate and radiate stronger and brighter.

Know that the energy you’ve created and connected with today, has always been with you and a part of you, but that today, by bringing your focus to it, you’ve made it stronger. It’s flowing freely now, awakening your deepest intentions and dreams in your heart and your soul. You are connected to it, it is you.

Start to come back slowly to who are, who you identify yourself to be.  And let enlightenment of this meditation, clarity and and alertness fill your mind.

Before bringing movement to your body or opening your eyes, allow your soul to be completely filled with the this energy.

Feel supported by it,

Feel bliss,

Feel connectedness to the Universe,

Feel faith in your future and

Feel clear in your mind

Feel peacefulness within your soul.



@RainbowLoveYogaGirl is an Atlanta based  RYT 200 Yoga Instructor and a lover of art, color, fun and happiness.  Find one of her classes at Infinity Yoga Atlanta.  She has taught over 500 yoga classes in studios, corporate settings, private homes and created a photo editing app called Rainbow Love App.

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