10 Days To Hanumanasana or More.

I’ll start by stating the obvious: It’s been more than 10 days since my original post. 72 days to be exact, which makes this follow up post about 61 days late. Forgive me.

10 Days To Hanumanasana

Photo:  Kate in Hanumanasana (Monkey Pose) August 10th 2016 Someone (although not sure exactly who) said: “anything you can imagine is possible.” Lately I’ve been imagining that I can do a full-fledged Hanumanasana.  Yet, never in my life have I been able to do a split of any of kind.  So this week I decided to write a yoga sequence with Hanumanasana as the peak posture.  Two days ago when I wrote the sequence, I held onto the imagination that as I repeated the sequence over and over again for the next 3 hours, I would eventually make it into the full…